October 22 Friday, 1943

ToDay is the Birthday of $8.00 from Thel

Fair and cool wind No.

Still cleaning up rubbish.

All the Hornblowers and Nellie left tonight at 6.15 pm

Heard Charlie Hadaway has shot four cock pheasants in H Hornblower’s swamp.

Bud has got out to his station in Texas.

George is on the desert in California.

Bill Whiting came up on the hill this morning and he gave me a picture of some of our Indian artifacts he had taken to send to a man in New York State.

<crossed out>

May and Ada came down from May’s and spent the evening.

[***] to track rabbits in the morning and maybe get a couple.

“Success at first doth many times undo men at last.” Venning.

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