November 5 Friday, 1943

ToDay is the Birthday of Henry Hornblower 2nd

Mary, Martha, and Nellie arrived this noon.

Worked on the gutters.

Had a note pinning on the small farm door, it was from Ernest.

Warmer today, wind south.

Set a trap for a rat that has dug a hole near our garbage.

Lots of chickadees around today, and a few juncos.

Saw a small brook trout in the brook down by Ira Ward’s big willow tree.

Looks as if it may rain tonight or tomorrow morning.

Eleanor and Ski went to the pictures.

Helen Finny is at home, she had her tonsils out.

Margaret Holman has been up to the hospital to have a baby. It wasn’t time for it so she has gone back home to wait a while longer.

“There is properly no history, only biography.” Emerson

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