November 5 Friday, 1943

ToDay is the Birthday of 9.00 from Thel

Warm shower this morning Alt fair W.S.

Stopped in to see Pic and Eric on my way home this noon, gave Pic two small white Rose of Sharon bushes and two to Cozette.

Dug up a lot of carrots after dinner.

Bob Fogarty came in with a summons for Betty Burnap, she got caught without a sticker on Al’s car.

B. came up and went over to the nook and I got two good arrowheads and a nice quartz scraper.

Mary called me up and said the puppie had a fit so I went up and put the pup down in the cellar.

Thel and Ski worked today.

Bill went clamming this morning and got a little over half a bucket.

“Avoid a questioner, for he is also a tattler.” Horace

2 Replies to “November 5 Friday, 1943”

  1. I remember a motorcycle police officer named officer Fogarty. When we went to town I would always wave at the motorcycle officer and he would stop and talk with me. He even let me set on the cycle. I never forgot him. I don’t know if this was him,.but his kindness during a very difficult time in my life is still remembered to this day.

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