November 14 Sunday, 1943

ToDay is the Birthday

Fair and cool, wind No.

Went up on the hill this morning, saw Mr. and Mrs. H and Ernest Peter, came back and got my eel spear and went down to the Beach Club and speared three eels, 2 large and one small.

Someone has the marsh all plastered with muskrat traps.

After dinner I dug up a wash tub full of good carrots.

Mrs. H came after me and we went up to Stones Estate and met the new owner, they are going to tear down the Mansion House and cut the land up into house lots at 300,000 per lot.

We went over to Dick Greenwoods and then up to Childs and got some dressed fowl for Mrs. Henry H.

Milt was in to supper.

“The prodigal robs his heir; the miser robs himself.” Bruyere

2 Replies to “November 14 Sunday, 1943”

  1. In other words, $300,000 in 1943 is equivalent in purchasing power to about $4,354,453.76 in 2018, a difference of $4,054,453.76 over 75 years. The 1943 inflation rate was 6.13%. The inflation rate in 2018 was 2.44%.

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