November 29 Monday, 1943

ToDay is the Birthday of

Fair and cool wind No.

Mrs. Hornblower and Nellie stayed on the hill.

Fred Moon came over to see if I could tell him anything about his one inch tackle rope, it was ip by the Meyers flagpole.

After supper, Thel, Eleanor, Ski, Pic, and I went up to Norman Grey’s and spent the evening and we all enjoyed it, they certainly have a beautiful home.

Worked all day putting wood and kindling into the house cellar from behind the barn.

Have caught five deerfoot mice in closets up on the hill. They come in every fall looking for a warm winter home.

Churchill, Stalin, Changki Check, and President Roosevelt, all assumed to be in conference.

“Non preach better than the ant, and she says nothing.” Franklin

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