November 30 Tuesday, 1943

ToDay is the Birthday of Gramp Swift 3.00

First snowstorm, wind No.

This was the first winter day, had a small snowstorm, just enough to cover the ground but it melted right off.

Mrs. H left for Martha’s Vineyard at 9 am.

Had a letter from Bobbie this noon, he expects to be home in Plymouth for xmas.

After work, I took a message over to Aunt Abbie Sampson.

Heard that Wanetta and Carl’s wife are on the increase.

The club of Thel met here tonight. They had a good time.

Eleanor went to Pythian meeting.

I went over to Walders and he worked, and got after 9 pm. Then he and I played 2 games of cribbage, each one won one game, each came home at 11 pm.

“The mind grows narrow in proportion as the soul grows corrupt.” Rousseau

3 Replies to “November 30 Tuesday, 1943”

    1. I assumed that also but Ronald 1940 and Alice 1948 so that won’t work also Carl Covell’s wife Barbara, had son Harold was born in April 1944 so could have been possible. I’ll check with Alice to see if she knows.


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