December 5 Sunday, 1943

ToDay is the Birthday of Frieda Ekberg

Fair and warm, wind west.

Went up on the hill this morning and took a walk over the river and up by Pete Chauteaus to see if I could see anything of the buck I tracked up there yesterday.

Saw Josie Wood and talked about wild birds.

Saw Fred Moon.

After dinner, Wanetta came in with her two kids for a couple of hours.

Went up on the hill to close up the house.

When I got back, Walder, Pic, Arnie, her baby, and Eric were all here, and stayed till 9 P.M.

Ski went up to Fellowship tonight.

Showed Walder my story I am writing on the Browne camp, he approved of it.

“The worst of slaves is he whom passion rules.” Brooke

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