December 20 Monday, 1943

ToDay is the Birthday of

Fair and warm wind SoW.

We got a letter from Dottie, she said they may get here xmas.

Cut a tree for Eleanor.

Got an xmas card from J.O. Brewer.

Wind turned NoWest late this afternoon and got very cold.

Thel went out to supper at Gerards.

Nora Driscoll came in tonight and left some presents, she said Mike is still in Central America.

Took a hunt around the place to see if I could get another rabbit, no luck.

Skunks were out on the snow last night.

Worked on a present for Eric.

Bobbie Holton came in and gave me an arrowhead that he said Ida Finney gave him. I imagine she found it around the house, one of Uncle Everettes.

“All may do what has by men been done.” Young

2 Replies to “December 20 Monday, 1943”

  1. “Bobby” Holton later became principal of Plymouth Carver Intermediate School.

    Would love to know what treasure he was working on for my brother, Eric. I still have my arrowhead necklace that I got on graduation from high school.


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