Saturday, Jan. 1, 1944

1st day ā€“ 365 days follow

20/8 Fair

Went to the midnight show at the Theatre last night and got out at 1-50 this morning, walked as far as Eable Hollow when I met a soldier going towards town.

He said how much farther is it to Camp Edwards. I told him he was going away from it, and it was about 17 miles in the opposite direction.

Just then a car came along and gave us a lift, it was going as far as Manomet.

Thel was awake when I got home.

Mrs. H and Martha and Precilla went up to Boot Pond pickerel fishing, they went for all day.

I have had a headache all day.

Went up on the hill tonight, fixed the fire, took in the flag, and fixed up the dog pen.

Eleanor worked today. She had some flowers sent from George and they were not delivered, but we found them finally inside of Frances storm door.

Getting cold again tonight.

So far this winter we have had very little snow.

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