Saturday, Jan. 2, 1944

2nd day – 364 days follow

10/8    Fair

Fair and cold, warming up at noon.

Went up on the hill and fixed the fires, saw Mr. and Mrs H and Precilla.

They caught no fish at Boot Pond yesterday.

Stopped in to see the Engstroms, Eric has been sick for the last three days, he has the grippe.

Walder saw Mrs. Hornblower at Boot Pond yesterday afternoon.

After dinner, Walder, Rus. Snow and Henry G. Davis went up to Russ’s cottage on Great South Pond, we left the car there and went over onto Boot Pond and skated for a couple of hours.

While we were on Boot Pond we saw 37 fight planes going east. Thel said she saw 40.

When we came home I went up on the hill and fixed the fires.

Mr. Hornblower stopped at the house this afternoon and gave us half a lamb.

Stopped in to see Eric, he is sick and going to have a Dr. tonight. Arnie says he has symptoms of pneumonia.

Walder called me up at 10 pm and said the Dr has been to see Eric and said he had a bad case of grippe, he left some Sulphur drug to ward off pneumonia.

One Reply to “Saturday, Jan. 2, 1944”

  1. A different style of diary for the new year…I kind of miss the “Today is the Birthday of” and the quote of the day…


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