Sunday, Jan. 3, 1944

3rd day – 363 days follow

20/0    Cloudy

Raked up rubbish all day.

Had a questionnaire from Dumm & Bradstreet about the character of Harry Hornblower.

Mrs. Hornblower and Martha went pickerel fishing up at Boot Pond and didn’t get a thing.

Stopped in to see Eric on my way back to work at noon. Dr. Beers had just left. He said Eric has a slight congestion of one lung and he would be up to see him again Wed. if they didn’t have to call him before.

Mrs. H and the two Marys and Martha went back to Boston tonight.

Geo, Eleanor’s husband, is out of the hospital and back in camp. He got the xmas presents we sent him.

Thel and Ski worked up at the store when Thel got back she went to bed, she has the grippe.

Frank Holman was in here tonight, he brought his business books for Eleanor to work out for him.

Cloudy and looks like rain tonight.

Filled out Harry’s questionnaire and gave him a good send off.

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