Thursday, Jan. 6, 1944

6th day – 360 days follow

35    Rain

Felt so punk today that I didn’t get off the couch all day.

Thel and Ski went up on the hill and put out the laundry and checked on the furnace.

Thel went over and saw Eric, he is better today but was quite sick yesterday.

Thel, Ski, and Eleanor to the show tonight.

Rained hard all day turning to snow in the evening.

Steve Treglawn called me up to tell me Mrs. Hornblower is not coming down this weekend.

The ice has all gone out of the harbor so that it is all clear water again.

Got a letter from Fred Johnson. He wants me to write an account of the finding my red paint grave.*

Edited to add: The red paint grave refers to an Indian burial ground where ochre was found painted on the bones. You can read more about it in this article from the Massachusetts Archeological Society – do a search for “Brewer” to find where Jesse is referenced.

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