Tuesday, Jan. 11, 1944

11th day – 355 days follow

12    Fair

16 Robins

Wind changed today warmer So W.

I saw a flock of 16 robins this morning and several blue jays, and down by the Beach Club I saw a large sized dark colored hawk.

The Beach Club has been broken into. I went in and looked the place over and couldn’t see that anything had been taken, so I nailed up the door.

This afternoon I went over to the H.H. greenhouses and saw Steve.

Thel said Edith Finney was taken she thinks to the hospital.

Eleanor and Ski went to the show.

Just finished listening to President Roosevelt’s speech. I agree with him.

Thel talked to Aunt Bertha on the phone tonight and she said Bobbie had an operation on his jaw this morning and it was reported O.K.

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