Thursday, Jan. 20, 1944

20th day – 346 days follow

33         cloudy

Mild weather, foggy with So wind.

Worked on the blackberry patch.

Ski and Eleanor went to the pictures.

Thel went out to supper at Ethel Phiilips.

I went over to Walders after supper and stayed till 11-20 PM. We played cribbage, he beat me four straight games.

Alberta Wood called up tonight, she said John Finney has gone to Florida till April 1.

One Reply to “Thursday, Jan. 20, 1944”

  1. I just love the way cribbage games flow through the journals like a summer stream. I remember many a game with my dad (Walder) as a child, and with siblings later in life. Now Steve and I enjoy a friendly ( or not so friendly!) game periodically. A lovely legacy from Grampa Brewer!


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