Friday, Jan. 21, 1944

21st day – 345 days follow

36         Fair

Foggy this morning, cleared fair and warm, W. So.

When I came home from work, I stopped in to see Eric, Walder. Walder was just going to take Eric for a ride so I and Jack went with the for a ride up Clifford Road as far as Whipple and back home down by Vaughans.

Percy Finney’s hens are laying in Bunty’s pen.

I heard that Geo Finney is home for good.

If the weather is right, I want to go clamming tomorrow afternoon.

I went over to HH barn and got some milk and cream for the folks on the hill.

Mrs. H called up this noon.

Thel and Ski worked today.

I hope this south wind holds for some time.

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