Saturday, Jan. 29, 1944

29th day – 337 days follow

36         Fair

Got the house ready for the folks.

After dinner I took a walk over to Huck Davis’s garden, nothing there but a few flakes.

From there I went up to Ira’s pastures and found two arrowheads, cut thru the woods and came out by Kate Whites, as I passed her house the colored rubbish man was delivering some old furniture, probably some he was given to take to the dump.

Came east along the woods road and came out on the back road at Clarks Valley. Walked up the hill as far as Rilley’s and Bubbie Nickerson came along and gave me a ride up to Russel Mills Pond. There were three men fishing thru the ice near the south side.

Bubbie told me he caught twenty foxes and one mink this winter.

Went into the store and got some tobacco and razor blades.

Helped Ski load up the truck and rode around the delivery route with Thel and Ski.

Eleanor said she got a letter from Geo and he expects his outfit to come east.

Claire Driscoll just came in to get a monkey wrench to shut off the water.

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