Sunday, Jan. 30, 1944

30th day ā€“ 336 days follow

Fair          Cold

Coldest day for some time, wind No.

Milt was in here tonight, he is on his way to Florida tomorrow.

When I went up on the hill this morning there was a live skunk in a trap right in my path.

There was a Red Cross nurse from Australia up there.

Shot the skunk with the 22 as I came back home.

Stopped in to see Eric, Pic, and Walder.

Gave the skunk to Jubbie.

Went up on this hill tonight and closed up the house.

Eleanor went up to Boston with the Motor Corps to be officially taken into the State Guard.

The kids took Milt for a farewell ride after they had their Fellowship meeting.

The folks on the hill are going out to St. Louis next weekend to be at Birds wedding.

Young Briggs was up on the hill in his sailor uniform. Martha rode back to Boston with him.

Gave Mrs. H a seed list for next spring garden.

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