Saturday, Feb. 5, 1944

36th day – 330 days follow

14 + 32           Partly Cloudy

Cold and fair first thing, wind No. changing to So and warmer.

Went over to H.H. greenhouse and saw Steve a while.

I see the river is frozen over again.

After dinner Eleanor gave me a ride over to Middle St. I met Ted Seaford and Bill Sawyer and we went down to Edith Finney’s funeral.

There were thirteen people there not counting her family.

Acted as pall bearer with Bill and Ted, rode back up to the cemetery and we officiated there.

I have never seen anyone buried before in such as casket, made me wonder.

Went over to Walder and we played four games of cribbage that I won and two he won.

Had supper with Pic and Walder.

Then Eleanor came over in the car and we picked up Ski at the foot of Cliff Street and all went to town.

Walder and I went into the bank and spend some time looking over blueprints of property in this neighborhood, I own almost 20,000 square feet on Cliff St.

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