Sunday, Feb. 6, 1944

37th day – 329 days follow

36           Fair

Fair and warm wind So.

Went up on the hill and stopped in to see the Engstroms, they are fine.

Walder and I took a walk the whole length of the beach, on the way down we say quite a lot of drift wood and a flock of pigeons, at the end of the point there was a large flock of seagulls.

On the way back along the inside of the beach we found two dories drifted up on the beach just beyond the colleges. one was a nice sailing dory. I would like to own it.

There were just hundreds of ducks in the harbor as well as thrirteen Canadian geese.

Archie, Cozette, and Fannie came in for a few minutes.

Betty Covell and Marjorie Musie were in a few minutes.

The church fellowship has a meeting here tonight.

I went over to Archie’s to read the Sunday paper.

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