Wednesday, Feb. 9, 1944

40th day – 326 days follow

10           Fair Cold

Bud wedding day

Cold as heck this morning. When I got up to the hill the furnace wasn’t going, down to 48 in the house. I don’t know yet if the pipe out in the sun room is frozen or not.

Thel took me over to town up to Harry Holmes and I paid my oil heater bill $5.53.

Then I came back down to the National Bank and paid my State Income Tax $1.08.

Lewis the oil heater man came up and worked about 3 hours on the heater, and I hope he has it fixed.

Eleanor called up Les Swift about the sale of her car.

Took the bus over to the Armory.

Ruth Finney went over on it.

Bobbie came in and watched us drill for a while.

We had a lot of drilling and cake and coffee afterwards.

Rode as far as BJs corner with Bill Avery.

Thelma went out tonight.

Much warmer this evening.

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