Sunday, Feb. 13, 1944

43rd day – 323 days follow

25           Fair

Went up on the hill this morning and stopped into see the Engstroms, they are fine.

Met Mr. Hornblower just before I got to Cliff St.

When I got home I put out some bread for the gulls, a crow came ad ate all he could, then made several trips up to the woods to hide what he couldn’t eat.

After dinner I went over to get Walder to help me on my income tax.

Toot and May and Conrad were over there, Toot had his income tax blank too.

Ski went to fellowship tonight.

We have had more snow now than at any time this winter, about eight inches on the level.

Howard called up Walder while I was there, they are allright in Washington, there new babay hasn’t yet arrived.

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  1. I don’t remember that visit but I was only three. My parents would visit quite often so they could visit. and Eric and I could play. I have a picture of Eric and I playing in the sunroom about that age. Maybe it was taken on that visit.

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