Saturday, Feb. 12, 1944

43rd day – 323 days follow

20           Snow

Finished up the material to send to Fred Johnson at Andover.

Mrs. Hornblower called me at noon and said they are all back from Bud’s wedding, she as bought a statue of Buddah that used to be in C. A Stoner flower garden. She said Bud and Priscilla have gone down to Pensacola Florida where he is to be stationed at the air field there.

Ernest Peters called me up and said he had driven H.H. big truck up the front drive to beat a track in the snow.

Went up on the hill this afternoon and came home along the shore as far as the Beach Club, saw four snow larks on the beach.

Very heavy surf, no rubbish came in.

In the river back of Potters there were twelve Black ducks and six sheldrakes, they all flew out when they saw me.

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