Wednesday, Feb. 16, 1944

47th day – 320 days follow

35           Cloud

About 10 am I noticed there was no electricity on the hill, none coming into the house. Called up Mr. McMasters of the P.E.L., he said he would send a man up.

White Fuel furnace man came today after dinner. P.E.L repair man came over and said the trouble was on H.H. property and it was a private job.

So I called Mrs. H and told her what had happened and she said she would Mr. H and have him call me back, he did and asked me to get in touch with Steve and find out what he was doing about it.

Went over to the other place and found Steve after digging the manhole where the trouble is, there was two cables from the nearest pole to the manhole, and the water was steaming so I left it alone.

Steve and I went over to the cow farm and got Tom Doten and the truck and got a sump pump and put it down by the manhole.

Started up the hot water heater and the kitchen stove and taking a chance on the weather tonight.

The White Duel man had to go after a wasted day.

Got a letter from Mrs. H today.

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