Thursday, Feb. 17, 1944

48th day – 319 days follow

38           Fair

After I fixed my fires I went over to H.H. and found Tom Doten and Budreau at the manhole, the water had all self drained and John O’Brian had been up and had gone down to the Electric Light Co. to get them to fix it up.

Went back to the house and cleaned it up for the weekend.

Went over again this afternoon and the E.L. Co. men were there working on the wires.

They got the juice on again about 2:30 PM and came up to see me to find out if things were O.K.

Mrs. H called me up about 6-30 PM.

Thel, Ski, and I went to the pictures, it was Madam Curie with Greer Garson and Walter Pidgeon.

When we got home it started to rain.

Geo, and Charlie Holman met Walder here tonight as he had got some of the dope on the River St. Harlow House for them.

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