Saturday, Feb. 19, 1944

50th day – 317 days follow

2/0           Fair


Gee! But it was cold this morning with high north wind.

When I got up on the hill Mary and Martha were there, they came last night.

Thel had a nice brown quartzite arrow head and a small piece of an old fashioned slate pencil. That young McNeal gave me he found them last summer when he worked up at Whipples.

After dinner I washed up the dishes and then went over to Walder.

He and I took a ride up to the Burgen place at South Pond and hunted there for arrowheads. While we were there Bill Whiting came there looking for me. He had a letter he wanted me to read from Doug Byers.

Tonight, Thel and I went up to Charlie Sanderson’s to the Arch Meeting at 10 PM.

Thel got a phone call and it was Dottie, she and Dave and the baby had just arrived from Winthrop, they go there yesterday from Long Island.

So we came right home and all stayed up talking till 2 AM.

Tracked a deer where went down to drink in Boot Pond, right on the bathing beach.

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