Sunday, Feb. 20, 1944

51st day – 316 days follow

0          Cold

Mrs. H called me up this morning and said that the house was cold as the furnace had shut down.

She read some letters from Bud’s wife and Harry’s.

Walder and Eric came in a few minutes.

Dave and I took a walk up the back road, we stopped at the dump and shot up a lot of bottles with the Colts Automatic.

Walked up as far as Vaughns with Milt, Dick, and Dick’s wife.

Saw a crow in Vaughn’s apple tree, shot at it and clipped it. It came down in the bushes and hid and we couldn’t find it.

We turned in by Leoi Thurstons and came back along the path to River St, then home.

Called up Bill Whiting.

Bob came up this afternoon.

Dave, Dot, and Davine went over to Walders and Picks for a while, then they all came over for a late afternoon dinner.

Dave, Walder, Bob and I went up on the hill.

Eleanor and Ski went to Fellowship.

Dave and gave Bob a lift to town and went on to Winthrop at 8 PM.

Warmer tonight.

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