Tuesday, Feb. 22, 1944

53rd day – 314 days follow


1 hoe 2 arrowheads, Whitehorse & Manomet

Walder called me up while I was getting my breakfast.

Went up on the hill and things are OK.

Bill came up about 9-30AM and we went up to Beaver Dam Road and hunted both sides of the road and found nothing.

Saw seven mourning doves in a corn field.

Then we hunted on Bartlett Road and got nothing. We went around the back side of Fresh Pond and hunted across from Porter Harlows, I found one nice quartz point.

Then we hunted on the Point Road, found nothing there.

From there we hunted White Horse and I found one nice red arrow by Bartlett Pond.

We came home and had dinner then went clamming up in front of the Hotel, Wes Whiting was up there, and Walder came up.

Walder gave me a ride home.

Thel went to the Club supper tonight. Eleanor went out with her.

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