Wednesday, Feb. 23, 1944

54th day – 312 days follow

50           Cloudy

Took the chubs out of the laundry sink and took them over to the river. Saw Steve, he didn’t seem to know much about the electricity, didn’t know if it was to be shut off or not.

Ski got a letter from Alex, he is still in England.

Lots of mud around today.

I heard that Geo Dunlap’s and Redo’s draft numbers are up.

John J. O’Brian called me up to see if the boss had got in touch with me about the electric cable 5-40 PM.

Thel and Ski took Evelyn Holman home and brought Eleanor home.

Went over on the 7 PM bus to the Armory to drill.

We had Technicolor pictures of the campaign in North Africa.

Bill Avery gave me a ride up as far as J.B.s corner.

Thel is out attending one of her clubs tonight.

Tom came up and got my ashs today, I gave him a length of pipe for Steve to drain out the electric power manhole.

We voted to have our anniversary supper at Carl’s Mar. 8.

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