Thursday, Feb. 24, 1944

55th day – 311 days follow

56           Fair

The electric light man Mr. Clark was up on the hill this morning to see if Mr. H had called me about getting some cable.

Just like spring today.

Charlie Sanderson called me up at noon and wanted to know if I would like to go arrowhead with him out around Marshfield.

Went over to see Steve to let him know about the electricity.

After supper Thel and I took a ride up to pay a visit to Eb and Grace Swift, been a long time since we were up there.

The house looks pretty nice now for its age. Eb has practically remade most the inside and painted the outside. They were all fine, Ada was visiting Art Cox.

It was the pleasantest weather we have had in the evening yet.

We got home about 11-30 PM.

Walder’s brother Howard in Washington is the father of a son.

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