Wednesday, March 15, 1944

74th day – 292 days follow

32           Cloudy

When I was up on the hill this morning I smelled smoke over and went over there and found Steve and his gang were burning off in front of the big house.

Saw Ernest Pewers at HH garage, he was taking apart a FrigidAir he had bought from Bert Boutin.

Con. Bartlett has gone back to work.

When I came home from work tonight I came around the shore and the Beach Club, things looked ok there.

Dropped a postal to Mrs. Hornblower.

The letterbox has been moved one post towards town.

We got a letter from Dottie, she said Dave was deferred till September.

Thel took me over to the Armory tonight.

We had visitors night and slides of the Border Incident of 1916. Rog Patey talked about the Co. there.

Avery gave me a ride all the way home tonight.

Bobbie called me up and said he met Brendon Fay in Boston.

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