Monday, March 20, 1944

80th day – 286 days follow


Woke up this morning and we were having a regular blizzard.

Walder had to lug Eric over through the field this morning, too much snow for him to get his car out.

Went up to the hill and the snow is up to my knees in drifts.

Some of the folks are going to give Chest Downey Jr. a farewell party next Thursday night.

Eleanor got home again from Penns, she said George is almost over his cold.

Walder stopped in on his way home from the hospital, he had been to see Pic, she is fine I am glad to say.

Ski worked at the store this afternoon.

Walder came back over here this evening and he and I played several games of cribbage, I won the series.

When he went home it was still snowing a regular blizzard.

Someone hit the picket fence on the foot of the Warren Ave driveway and smashed it into kindling.

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