Tuesday, March 21, 1944

81st day – 285 days follow

34        Fair

Fence – Poll Tax

Eric stayed here all night, his first night away from home.

Dug snow all the morning and there is plenty of big drifts, 9 inches on the level.

Mary Gallagher called me up to send up Martha’s ski pants.

I called up the police to find out who smashed up the picket fence, he said he would find out from the officer that investigated the accident and let me know.

After dinner, I took a package over to town a mailed it to Martha.

Walked up from J.B’s corner, saw Archie and another of Finney’s men stuck with a snow plow over by Clara Litchefelde.

When I got home I dug out my driveway.

Chief Dearborn said he would look up who smashed my fence.

Walder came in tonight and took Eric home with him.

Hope it warms up enough to take off all this snow before the end of the week.

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