Saturday, March 25, 1944

84th day – 282 days follow



Thel Dr 3.00

Mr and Mrs Hornblower showed up on the hill this morning.

There was a grass fire on Cliff Street this morning on the Hartwell land between the big house and Sawyers, it was so far back from the road that it probably was set by some kids.

Saw a flock of blue jays this A.M.

After dinner, Bill came up and we went over to Pembrook and hunted by the saw mill. I found a piece of graphite and three arrowheads and some broken stuff. Bill found some graphite.

From there we went to North river bridge, I found one arrowhead and one scrapee. Bill found one arrowhead.

Then we went to the Henderson place, the son was in the garden. Bill got out of the car and asked the son if we could hunt, he said no, and while he was talking Bill he picked up a butterfly stone, it was unfinished not being drilled all the way thru.

From there went to green harbor, I got a few broken pieces, Bill got one good arrowhead there and one later on the way home.

Bill gave me a ride up on the hill.

Thel and I went to town tonight to a farewell party for Chet Downey. He joined the Navy.

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