Sunday, March 26, 1944

86th day – 280 days follow

68        Fair




Mrs. Hornblower called me up at 5-18 AM and said the hot water heater was boiling over and the bathroom was all flooded with water.

Saw a bluebird and a red wing blackbird yesterday, and two bluebirds today.

Walder and Eric came over to dinner and Walder and I went up to the hospital to see Pic. She is fine.

When we got back we listened to Winston Churchill speak from London England.

After supper Thel and I went over to Walders and he and I went out on blackout patrol. We went up as far as Cushings.

Saw a Aux Police at Clifford Road.

Lights were going at Henry Hornblowers. Ernest’s wife didn’t know there was a blackout.

The northern lights put on a fine show tonight.

Smashed my flashlight over at Walders.

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