Thursday, April 6, 1944

97th day – 269 days follow

46        Fair

Raked up rubbish all day and wheeled it off.

The refrigerator up on the hill is acting up so I called up Roger Maloon to fix it.

Charlie Fraser was up on the hill to measure up for the steps he is going to put in, when he pulled off a board we found it full of termites.

Percy Finney came up on the hill this afternoon and borrowed my bicycle to ride up to Whipples to see if he could get a job at carpentering.

Ernest Peters came over this morning and he said there was a fire at the foot of the drive on Warren Ave. I took a walk down to see and the fire was very small and on the beach side of the road.

The scottie seems to be making himself perfectly at home.

Eric was over here today, as Walder was home with a bad toothache.

Eleanor took her new dog for a visit over to see George’s mother.

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