Friday, April 7, 1944

98th day – 268 days follow


Cleaned up the rose garden and some of the flower beds.

After work I stopped in to see Pic and the kids, Walder was there he is feeling pretty punk with an abyss under one of his back teeth.

Thelma said George Holman passed for the army and Charlie Holman didn’t on account of his rupture.

Thel said that Chet Downey was sent home, they found he has a perforated ear drum.

I went up on the hill tonight to see the boss about the termites and he called up Prof. Clapp of Duxbury and he is coming over Sunday to see what should be done about it.

Talked to Harry from Washington, he is fine and digging a garden.

Mrs. H. read a letter from Bud telling her what a fine cook his wife is.

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