Sunday, April 9, 1944

100th day – 266 days follow


Thel, Ski, and Eleanor got up early and went to sunrise service.

Stopped in to see the Engstroms on my way back from the hill. Baby David gained 9 ½ ounces last week.

Thel, Eleanor, and I went to church this morning to the Easter service and the chapel looked better arranged than I ever saw it before.

After the service I went thru the cemetery and paid my respect to Percy, and Marie.

When I got up there Prof. Clapp was there from Duxbury to investigate the termites, he found a few had got in under the house and the steps are all done.

Thel gave me a ride on the hill and on the way back we stopped in at Archie’s for the evening.

Had a fire at the Warner house up on the bluff this afternoon.

Ski went up to Carver with the Rinds and the minister.

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