Monday, April 10, 1944

101st day – 265 days follow

60        Fair

Dog tax

Went up on the hill and got Martha’s text books, took them to town and mailed them.

Paid the dog tax. Bought $1.80 onion sets.

Called up John Finney about the drive and some fertilizer.

The fire chief called me up and said I could burn the steps.

This afternoon Charlie Fraser came up and we took the steps down and found only one colony of termites in them, they were practically all in one small colony and they had not as yet done any great damage.

After supper I rode over to town with Thel and I ran in to see Chet Downey, and I tried to hire him back for the summer but I doubt if he comes back.

Freddy Drese was up on the hill, he brought me up a load of loam and 8 bags of fertilizer, he said he has a pestle that was dug out of a sand pit, that he would give to me. He told me where it was found so I will have to look into it.

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