Sunday, April 16, 1944

107th day – 259 days follow


Went up on the hill this morning and rode my wheel over to H.H. and found one good arrowhead, and one fair large scraper.

Geo and Eleanor were here this morning. I called up Bill Whiting and he said he was very pleased about last night’s meeting at his house.

Thel, Ski, and I all took a ride down to the camp. I got out of the car at the head of Great Herring Pond and took a look at the bog sand banks and found one dandy small white quartz arrow point and a couple of broken pieces.

After I got over to the camp it rained hard the rest of the day.

The Hathaways all went down and we had a fine dinner.

When I got home, Mr and Mrs. H were just leaving for Boston, they are going to Bill Greylocks.

Ski has gone up to Fellowship.

Someone is working in the workshop dig that Bill and I found and worked at G.H. Pond. They have done quite a lot of spotty digging, some of it I think has been done this spring.

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