Saturday, April 15, 1944

106th day – 260 days follow

36        Rain

Ripley Bullen

When I got up on the hill tis morning I found a rat in my trap.

Mr. and Mrs. Hornblower were there alone.

Left a note at the foot of the drive for the carpenter that was going to fix the fence.

Raked up some of my garden after dinner, Archie came over and we went over to see how they were coming along with the fence. They had to quit on it on account of the rain and will finish it Monday.

Archie and I stopped in to see Pick’s baby.

George and Eleanor were here when we got back, Geo gave me a belt.

Thel and I went over to Bill Whitings tonight to the M.A.S., we had Ripley Bullen for Lecturer for the guest speaker and Mrs. Bullen came with him. We got home at 12-20 M.

Bill was up here this afternoon to get some dishes.

Archie was over while I was raking up the garden, he took a walk up on the hill with me.

Got a letter from Harry Hornblower.

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