Tuesday, April 18, 1944

109th day – 257 days follow

45        Fair

Saw a sharp skinned hawk this morning.

Cleaned up rubbish all day.

Went down to the foot of the drive to see what kind of job they did on the fence.

After work I rode my wheel up around the Hotel and looked at the sand bank and found nothing there, rode on up to Whipples and saw Tim Prentis and he showed me all of his cows.

After supper Grace Swift and her little boy came in.

Archie was over working in the garden so I went out and raked till dark.

A plane was dropping parachute flares off Rocky Hill.

Ski and Barbie went over to Carl Rounds tonight to sew dishcloths for the fellowship.

One Reply to “Tuesday, April 18, 1944”

  1. The many hours I spent searching for arrowheads it constantly amazed me how much of nature he took in. He made me aware of my surroundings. I think I have become more aware since walking with him.


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