Wednesday, April 19, 1944

110th day – 256 days follow

55        Fair

Went up the hill this morning, everything was O.K.

Cleaned up some in the garden. Archie came over with a truck and he and I went up to Manomet to the poultry farm and got a load of hen dressing, we put it on the garden.

After dinner Bill Whiting came up and we went up thru Halifax and we hunted there and I found one white quartz arrowhead and one problematic object of which I have several but no idea what the use of them was.

From here we went to Lelands farm, it had so much manure on it we couldn’t hunt there.

So we hunted on several other farms and I found two small white quartz arrowheads, one semi lunar flaked chopper and a few pieces.

Thel went to club meeting tonight.

Bobbie came up tonight and he and I played a few games of crib and he beat me badly.

Saw a red squirrel and a grey on the hill.

The Clarks have moved into the Hebard House.

Bobbie called me up and said he had run all the way home.

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