Sunday, April 23, 1944

113th day – 253 days follow

50        Fair

Garden – Ski

Went up on the hill, got a 5 gal can and took it over to H.H. farm.

Bill stopped in on his way up to the dig. He was going to fill in where we worked Saturday.

Worked in the garden and planted 4 rows of set onions, one row of beets, one row of carrots, and 1 row of peas.

Heard that Archie McCauley is dead.

There has been a big gang of folks in the yard this afternoon.

Bill stopped on the way back and he felt quite pleased for he found a pair of No 1 hammer stones.

Archie planted some onion sets.

Marion Finney is home on a week’s vacation.

Geo and Eleanor were here for dinner and part of the evening, Geo is going back to Harrisburg tomorrow morning.

Ski and Barbra have gone up to the church to see some movies.

There was a salesman in here for a commercial art school to try and get Ski enrolled as a student.

She took it up.

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