Saturday, April 22, 1944

113th day – 253 days follow

45        Fair


Rolled lawns all morning, went over to see Steve, he said he had some oil for the termite mixture.

Left a note on the fence for Martin telling him where to find the blue print of the sign.

After dinner Bill Whiting came up and he and I went up to the dig, we found several arrow and spear buts, quite a lot of pottery, two pieces of graphite, and two flint points.

Joe Manis plowed the garden this afternoon and he did a good job.

Ski got home from Providence at 9 PM. She had a good time and brought home a present for everyone.

She went up to the Church and she and Barby stayed up there till 11 PM

When we were digging this afternoon we found almost nothing until we were just about to quit.

Percy Finney came over tonight and we played Cribbage. I won the rubber game.

Eleanor and George drove the grocery truck for Thel and Ski.

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