Tuesday, April 25, 1944

116th day – 250 days follow

55        Fair

Turned the water on in the flower gardens and in the farm.

Put in the termite poison and some wire to keep rats out.

Picked some nice pink mayflowers.

Fixed up the dog kennel and took down the bird house to fix it.

Saw a grasshopper and a bumble bee.

After work I rode my wheel over to the H.H. gardens and hunted for arrowheads. I found two cores, stemmed white quartz arrow point, and one piece of rubbed graphite, good quality and one scraper.

I heard that Elizabeth Dunham has sold the Ira Ward homestead to Phil Chandler, don’t know for sure if it is so.

Finished up rolling the lawns.

Was going to do some planting in my garden tonight but the ground is too wet.

Sowed some flowering tobacco seed.

Bill Whiting came up tonight to show me his finds for this afternoon, he had been out to Duxbury and Greenbush and had eight perfect arrowheads and eighteen broken pieces.

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