Wednesday, April 26, 1944

117th day – 249 days follow

38        Cloudy

Thick fog this morning about 10 AM and I heard some geese. There was 42 in the flock and they flew right over me at about 50 yards high.

How I would like to have a flock fly over me in the fall when I have my gun.

Got a postal from Mrs. Hornblower, they are coming down Friday.

Transplanted some foxgloves, and fixed up the cold frame. Planted some morning glories.

Rode over to town tonight, the folks went to the Pictures.

We went out on a scouting maneuver up around the Faith monument.

Thel told me to wait for them to come of the pictures so I could ride home with them so I waited there till 10-20 PM. Then walked home, when I got here, they were all here.

I saw a rabbit in back of the barn, about 10 feet from me stood and watched it a few minutes while he washed his hind feet.

One Reply to “Wednesday, April 26, 1944”

  1. I saw three geese fly over the house today, and felt blessed at the sight. Then I read the blog…guess I’m not as much like my grampa as I thought..I saw the beauty, he saw the meal!


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