Sunday, May 14, 1944

135th day – 231 days follow

75        Fair

No rain last night, some thunder and lightning.

Went up on the hill this morning and on the way back I stopped in at Walder’s we got rid of his tent caterpillars than came home and killed mine.

Archie and Jubbie were working in the garden.

Percy and Geo Finney are painting Percy’s boat.

Several fire alarms this morning.

Archie planted some kale and cabbage.

Eleanor and George were here for a few minutes.

After dinner Thel and I and the Hathaway family went up to Island pond fishing. Archie caught a 17½ inch pickerel while I rowed the boat.

Betty Covell and the Carly Girl were up there, they had rods upon bikes.

When I got home Thel said that the boss had called up and he had two small pigs to put in the freezing unit.

The Engstroms were over, card game.

Thel had a box of chocolate for Mothers Day.

Percy Finney bought us over a strip bass, he caught four today.

One Reply to “Sunday, May 14, 1944”

  1. I wonder why my sister and Beverly Carl were riding all the way to Island pond to fish. I never saw a fishing pole in her hand. They must have been checking some cute boy that was staying there. Does anyone know who Jubby is? Never heard the name before Jess spoke of him. I love these posts. Watch for them every day.

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