Saturday, May 13, 1944

134th day – 232 days follow

80        Fair

Mowed lawns and watered this am.

Put in the whole afternoon in the garden, cultivating and digging out the dog grass.

Geo is home on a 3 day furlow, he and Eleanor were here for a few minutes.

Thel and Ski worked on the store truck. They got stuck in front of Finney’s but got it going again.

A few plants of everything I have planted has broken ground.

Had some of the herring to eat that I got last night and they were good.

A little static on the radio tonight, we may get a thunderstorm soon.

Geo and Eleanor came in again about 7 pm. and stayed about 20 minutes.

Then I went up on the hill and closed up my see frames.

Stopped in to see Walder on the way home, he was watering his garden.

He told me his boat is in the water for the summer.

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