Thursday, May 18, 1944

139th day – 227 days follow

65        Fair

Cool north wind all day, feels as if we might have a frost tonight.

Weeded flower beds and transplanted flowers.

Had a postal from Mrs. H, she is coming up from Martha’s Vineyard tomorrow.

Planted over some of my corn where it skipped coming up.

Thel, Archie and Cozette went to Boston to Tillie’s graduation from the Miss Farmer School of Cookery.

Eleanor went over to see Pic tonight.

Bobbie called me up. he said he is in the market for a car.

I think I saw a partridge up on the but am not sure as it was a long way off.

The crows make a heck of a lot of racket up on the hill.

Barby Pileranski came up and I told her the life cycle of an eel for her scout work.

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