Friday, May 19, 1944

140th day – 226 days follow

65        Fair

Had a frost last night and froze up my beans and morning glories up on the hill.

There was a pair of quail, male and female, on Martha’s flower garden.

Mowed all the lawns but the bowling green.

Thel is going to cook over at Bert’s this afternoon and evening.

Mrs. Hornblower arrived on the hill at 3 PM from Martha’s Vineyard, she is going to pick up Mary and Martha at the station.

Got a letter from Harry Hornblower from Washington.

And one from Dave from Long. I.

Percy Finney said Ted Seaford got ten bass last night.

I took my pole and went down to Bate’s Wharf and cast a plus from 7-30 till 9 PM and didn’t get a strike.

There was a fellow in a boat fishing and he didn’t get any either.

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